Lessons at rah sadj ranch

Dressage - Saddleseat - Huntseat - Jumping  Western Pleasure

Single lessons are $50 each, or a package of 4 which must be used in 4 weeks is             available for $170.

Disciplines Taught

Lessons are taught by Frankie Timmerman who has been teaching for many years and has sent countless kids (and adults!) to their first        shows and events.

Wheather you're new to horses or a veteran looking to dust off your boots, we can tailor a lesson plan to fit your needs and make your equestrian goals a reality.


Lessons are 1 hour long which includes 15 minutes for tacking up your horse. We have several lesson horses available depending on your          experience level. 

All new students will learn the very basics of horsemanship and work their way up to the saddle. We believe that an excellent foundation is the key to success and want you to not only learn the skills necessary to have a great ride, but to take care of your mount as well.